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SoCal Subpoena Services LLC is a collaboration of legal services professionals with over 50 years of combined experience in the legal community. With an emphasis on personal service, speed and accuracy, our team of professionals is committed to getting your job accomplished on time, every time.

Process Serving

Dealing with the legal system can be stressful, but serving your subpoena/summons, divorce papers or eviction notice doesn’t need to be.

Small Claims

If you have an issue that can't be resolved, you might consider taking it to Small Claims Court, which is meant to be far cheaper and quicker than regular court.

I would have given more stars if it was possible!! This might be my first review online. I owe it to these fantastic folks as they went out of there way to serve my Defendants who were hell bent on evading service. I will use them forever!! Thank you Kim and Staff.

-Chetan T.

Our Attorney Services

Simply stated, we are process serving professionals. We understand the legal rules, and the local court rules in every California county. Because of our experience working around the courts, we understand the complexities. This experience and expertise is crucial, when you need to serve legal documents on a hard-to-find individual, or on a business organization with a single office in a large, secure building.
Socal Subpoena Services routinely performs stakeouts and other surveillance in the service of process. We are known for serving the impossible! A small percentage of subjects will do everything they can to avoid being served and may go to extreme lengths to do so. Many evasive subjects know how to avoid service of process and will lie about who they are and their whereabouts to anyone they do not know. Our staff is highly trained in serving high profile individuals, deadbeats, contractors and other shady business owners who take your money and run.

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